We welcome you and hope that you enjoy spending some time browsing through our website which is filled with lots of useful information. If you have any further questions, please call or email and we will be happy to answer any questions.  You can contact us by:

Telephone: 0800 567 7439 or 0207 450 2920

Skype: London-Dental-Implant

Email: info@london-dental-implant.co.uk

Address: 158-160 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 4ND 

Our Services Include: 

Dental treatment in our London clinic

Our clients are most important to us. Our hope is that clients will come to us, the dentist, willingly and leave feeling well looked after and taken care of. We would like to say goodbye knowing that we did our very best for each client in every situation.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure our surgery is a professional, well-equipped dentistry with reasonable prices offering an above average service, of which we can be proud!

Because our clinic is both owned and run by dentists, we can ensure that only the highest standards of patient care, dental procedure and ethics are followed, always placing the needs and safety of the patient first.

At our surgery, we employ only highly qualified and experienced surgeons and dentists who have been trained for an average of 6-7 years before they started practising dentistry.

Thanks to our teams dedication to continuous training and attending in-depth courses we can guarantee you advanced dentistry of the highest quality.

Dental ImplantWe recommend that clients who are having either a larger quantity or more complex kind of dental treatment, such as more than 5-8 crowns or 3-4 implants, should travel to Budapest for their dental care.  Our sister surgery in Budapest - British Hungarian Medical Service - has been welcoming clients from the UK and Ireland since 2006 and the team in Budapest are more than happy to continue with the dental treatment recommended by the team in London.

Although dental treatment is often not the most enjoyable of experiences, we aim to make it as pleasant as possible. Our surgery boasts a modern, elegantly furnished reception area to welcome clients, complete with plasma TV and a choice of light refreshments. We will make every effort to ensure you feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed.

Due to expansion of our business, we can now offer the same range of services in London, as we do for our patients who travel to Budapest. This means our patients can now opt for combined treatment in both London and Budapest according to their preference and convenience.

Both routine visits and all treatments can now readily be carried out in London.

Our London clinics' prices are still 30%-50% lower than average UK prices whilst our Budapest prices remain up to 50%-70% lower than average UK prices.

Due to our expansion, we can also now offer greater flexibility of appointments. 

At London-Dental-Implant, we know how important it is to get to know each individual client, in order to achieve the best dentist-patient relationship. It is our goal to make sure that when you finish your treatment with us, you will leave feeling 100% satisfied with our service.

One of the ways we show our appreciation is with our “recommend a friend” referral service - a thank you and a free gift to you for the introduction.

Please take a few minutes to browse through our pages and check out our services, our team of professionals and our very, very reasonable prices!