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A dental implant is a relatively simple procedure to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Once completed, you will never know the difference between your own teeth and a dental implant but you will get back a quality of life you may have lost when you lost your teeth and you can smile again with confidence!!

As our name suggests, we are specialised in dental implants. Whether you have a single tooth that needs to be replaced, looking to have a complex, full mouth reconstruction with bone grafting, our skilled and experienced surgeons can help to restore your smile and confidence. Book a free consultation with one of our patient coordinator to find out the treatment you will likely need, and how much it will cost. 

With more then a decade of experience and over 10,000 satisfied patients, you are in excellent hands. 

dr. Juliana Brito

Implant treatment


Single implant


2 implants + 3 unit bridge


4 implant with fixed bridge/jaw


4 implant with fixed bridge both jaws


Exceptional value for money. 

Competitive prices, highly skilled and experienced surgeons, excellent success rate, lifetime guarantee on implants components.  Friendly, helpful staff to make your experience great!

Join the 1000's of satisfied patients who tackled their dental problem and now can smile again. We offer clear, transparent pricing and appointment by appointment payment to help you spread the cost. 

You can also take advantage of our dental finance offer, interest free up to a year or with interest over a maximum of 5 years.

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