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Dr Marco Vinattieri Amelotti

Dr Marco Vinattieri Amelotti
General Dentist
D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Sciences)
GDC Registered
UK Reg. 289789

Despite his young age, Dr Marco is a very motivated, proactive and responsible young profesional, fully capable of working both in a team and individually. In additon, he has excellent organizational skills as well as a very positve attitude towards everything he does. Thanks to his international experience and education, he can perfectly work in a multicultural environment and truly enjoys it as he is fluent in Italian and Spanish as well as English.

General practice includes tooth extraction, whitening, tooth rehabilitation, fillings, crowns, bridges, root canal, bonding and implant restoration.   He is great at providing patient oral healthcare education, preventative dental care, causes and treatment of dental issues, teeth and gums.  Dr Marco is driven, knowlegable, responsible and thrives on responsibility and challenge.

Currently Doctor in Dental Surgery 
2014-2019 School of Dentistry, Universitat International de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
2012- 2013 Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology,  University of Florence, Florence, Italy
2008- 2013 Auxiliary arts of Health Professions, Dental Laboratory Technician State Institute of Higher Education “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Florence, Italy

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