Chris Sines from London, SW19

Incredibly professional, competitive pricing and friendly staff. Chris

Alan Dunn from Milnthorpe, Cumbria

A Happy New Year to you and all your colleagues.
Following my recent treatment in Budapest you and your associates may be interested or amused by my experience back in October.
I was in Budapest for 12 days for the final stages of my treatment (implant-retained partial denture).
As I am sure you are aware, travel on the metro and all public transport in Budapest is free if you are an EU national and aged 65 or over. Whilst I was there I used the metro every day. The entrances and exits are manned by groups of forbidding-looking ticket inspectors. Not once was I challenged on the first 11 days. However, on the 12th. day, equipped with my new teeth, as soon as I entered the metro station 'Opera', a gruff voice demanded: 'Ticket!'. I produced my passport as evidence of my entitlement of free transport and he said 'OK'.
The conclusion to be drawn is that up until then I had looked my age but with my new teeth I was apparently much younger.
Many thanks for my new-found youth!
Best regards

Ines T. from London

I just wanted to say that I am very happy with my crown and that the job was done in less time than I expected and nicely. After two years I finally have my missing tooth.

Joshua Peazer from Watford

Great service with friendly staff that offer helpful advice.

Mona Janani from London

I've been visiting this clinic for almost a year now and have now finished my treatment. I want to say a massive thank you to all the staff for their support and work, from the dentists who fixed my teeth to the admin staff who made me feel relaxed and comfortable every time i visited. I am now enjoying my smile and would 100% recommend !!!

T. N. from London

I am very happy with the service, I received. The dentists are excellent, many thanks for all the staff at London Dental Implant. I will always come back to this clinic, and highly recommend to everyone.

R from London

Thank you... You have been amazing .... will definately recommend you ! Best wishes

Alexandra Hughes from Coulsdon

I have found the standard and quality of the work I`ve had done to be excellent as is the service I`ve received.

Neil from London

My recent trip to Budapest went very well and Drs Balasz and Govai seemed happy with the Phase 1 of my treatment. I had three implants fitted with a sinus lift in one case, but I didn’t need a bone graft, so it was relatively straightforward. Once I’d had the anaesthetic the treatment wasn’t painful at all and I was kept informed throughout the process. Everyone at the clinic was friendly and professional and I thought everything ran very smoothly. I even managed to return to London before the snow affected the transport systems (although there was a tube strike on the evening I got back)!
The Opera Garden was a great choice of hotel. The location was good and the facilities were excellent for the price. Although I was taking it easy after the surgery, I enjoyed some interesting walks around the city and managed to take a few photographs and see an exhibition at the Museum Fine Art.
As a vegetarian, also avoiding dairy and eggs as advised, it was useful to have a kitchen in the hotel room. I bought food at a local supermarket and cooked most of my meals. I also found one or two vegetarian/vegan cafés, so I was fine. I was impressed that the hotel also included a few meals “recommended for dental patients” on its room service menu (You obviously have a strong relationship with them!)
Thanks again to you and everyone involved in London and Budapest. From my point of view, it's so far, so good!

Richard Newcombe from SW19

I had a great experience getting an implant with London Dental Implant. They are a Hungarian group who also do work abroad, but I only visited the London office. All the equipment was very clean and modern, they completed my implant without an issue. I'd recommend for anyone to try them out. The only caveat I would make is that the location is a little difficult to get to, not being close to any tube or train stations. That said there are plenty of local buses.

I have been a patient in both London & Budapest, my history going back about 5 years with some implants, consultations about more and ongoing maintenance. I do not live in london but have been so impressed by the sensitivity, understanding, expertise and professionalism of the Team that they are my dentists of choice and I have recommended to other people.

Rob Lee from London

After many consultations and research, I chose London Dental Implant. The best decision of my life! The staff and dentists were very professional and caring and they did everything to supply me with the best care and comfort possible. My treatment came out so much cheaper than I had expected but quality was never compromised. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of having good quality treatment at a reasonable price!