Computerised treatment planning and guided implantation is the key for a successful restoration.

According to the opinions of dental professionals, one of the main effects on long term success of dental implantation is the correct three-dimensional position of the implant.

Positioning dental implants is an operation that requires extreme patience and precision from the surgeon. It is particularly important to have the implant in the best position both aesthetically and anatomically for optimal bony healing, otherwise known as primary stability

Guided surgery is the the most advanced solution for teeth replacement
The majority of implants were placed free-hand according to an x-ray image or CT scan providing limited visual information. Free-hand implantation had higher risks and hardly reached the required accuracy even in the hands of an experienced surgeon.

In this clinic you have the possibility to ask for 3D planning and guided implantation with the latest technology.

SMART Guide is a high-end digital solution for your dental surgeon to position your implant. The oral surgeon plans your case digitally on the computer in a relaxed environment and then implements it in the dentistry during surgery using guided surgery. The patient specific surgical guide ensures an esthetically and anatomically correct position for the dental implants.

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