Precision Attached Denture

A precision attached denture is the mechanism by which a denture is fixed to natural teeth. When implantation is not an option, this is the alternative choice.

Most people loose the back teeth first and often don't replace them because they are not visible when smiling. However, the molars are vital for chewing, crushing and grinding food so it an be easily swallowed and digested. humans have 4 premolars and 4 molars in each jaw, (and sometimes wisdom teeth) and if premolar or molar is lost, it can unbalance the bite.

As more and more teeth are removed, instinctively people will use the other side to eat on where they have more or all the teeth. This causes the bite to become unbalanced and puts extra pressure onto the TMJ.

It is important to recreate these teeth, either by a bridge, implants or as a third alternative, a precision attachment denture.

Where there are no back teeth to use as an anchor for a bridge, but the front teeth are present, new crowns will be put onto the front teeth, and the precision attachment denture replaces the rear teeth.

This gives a fully functional balanced bite, and a lovely aesthetic result for the front teeth. The attachment mechanism is not visible as the 'male' part is fixed to the crowns and the corresponding 'female' section is incorporated into the denture.