Frequently Asked Questions

How much pain will I feel?
All people have different pain thresholds, and some people are more afraid of the anaesthetic injection than dental procedures. Our goal is to give our customers the experience of pain free dental treatment. For further information please click here.

How much can I save?
Our London dentistry offers you very reasonable prices. Hungarian dentistry is generally cheaper then UK dentistries. Both income and expenses are about 3-4 times less than in the UK. When you consider how expensive 3-4 implants, a bridge or crown work can be in the UK, by paying only half can mean huge difference.

Having lower prices does not effect quality. The competition is big and only the well equipped surgeries with the best qualified dentists and most enthusiastic staff can stay in business.

Why does  dental treatment at a Hungarian dentistry cost less? Why to choose a Hungarian cosmetic dentistry in London?
In Hungary, wages are much less than in the Western European countries; therefore, the cost of dental work such as dental implant, bridge and crown work is one-third of the Western European prices. However, the quality of Hungarian dental services is acknowledged all over Europe.

Do Hungarian dentists use the same materials and techniques?
Our dentists and implantologists are having many years of experience in treating patients. They are continuously refreshing and improving their professional skills and development by participating in national and international courses and workshops. Our surgeries are equipped with state-of-the-art devices, and the products of the best-known brands, such as Branemark dental implant, Ankylos dental implant, Cerec 3 crown, are used by our professionals.

Does Hungary have a professional regulatory body?
Yes. All of our dentists are registered in Hungary at ÁNTSZ (General Medical Office) and in the UK at GDC (General Dental Council).

Do you provide guarantee?
London Dental Clinic provides a guarantee on the implants and the cosmetic dental works which is in line with or in some cases exceeds the international standards. In case of implant failure our dentist will place another implant which is covered by the guarantee.

What do I need to do if complication occurs?
It is unlikely to happen, but rarely infections can arise even if the treatment was made with proficiency and utmost care. If this happens, we encourage you to contact us immediately and we will help you to find the most efficient solution for your problem.

Are there any extra charges?
All of our premium services are free of charge. We do not charge for our extra services - consultation,  etc - therefore, the cost of your treatment is easily predictable.

When can my treatment be started?
We can provide you appointment within few days, a week. If your case is urgent, our dentists will do their best to solve your problem immediately.