Proper oral hygiene care after dental implant surgery

Before the procedure:

Before the dental implant procedure your dentist is expected to teach you the basic skills of proper hygiene and oral care, as well as for dental implants. A complete dental hygiene treatment such as a hygiene treatment, is carried out before the implant procedure begins. It is vital to avoid growth of microorganisms to preserve the life of dental implants, which is why, along with mechanical methods, the use of antimicrobial drug therapy, is done.

After the implant is placed:

During the postoperative period for dental implant procedure it is necessary to follow the instructions of your treating surgeon. Make sure that you take your medications provided after surgery such as antibiotics. Also folllow the diet as recommended by your surgeon which would of course include soft or pureed food, no alcohol, caffeine nor dairy products. This is usually only for 7-10 days

The use of toothbrush with the softest bristles is also highly recommended since during this time, the mucosa is highly sensitive. Use of antiseptic solution when brushing your teeth is also advised.

After the entire treatment is finished:

The proper oral care for people who have dental implants is of the same importance as those with healthy natural teeth. Protruding parts of the implant such as the abutment and crown needs to be thoroughly cleaned everyday, not only right after the dental implant procedure, but during the lifetime of dental implants. Accumulation and multiplication of bacteria will result if proper oral hygiene is not observed.

The most through dental care after a dental implant procedure should be done in the morning and especially in the evening. During the night the secretion of saliva from the glands is reduced, so it has less antibacterial activity than during the day which helps to give oral protection. The abutment and the surface of the implant adjacent to the gum are the areas needing most cleaning attention. Cleaning and flossing should be done in front of big mirror and with the best lighting.

There is a need for all kinds of hygienic tools for cleaning dental implants like; toothbrush, and super floss. When cleaning the around the implant crowns, passing the dental floss or super floss into the space between the abutments and around them is important for the removal of the plaque. Application of toothpaste to your dental floss will allow you to gently polish the surface of implant abutment.