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dental implants and bridge

Find out how to take care of your dental crowns, bridges and implants. With proper care they can last longer. Here's what to do

bone grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that replaces missing bone in order to replace bone that has diminished to allow for an implant to be placed

check-ups and aftercare

Following implant surgery you will receive verbal aftercare instruction from the surgeon on how to care for your implants (you will also receive a written sheet as well). To ensure successful osseointegration of the implants, it is essential that these instructions are followed stringently.

There are many different types if dentuers available but usually patients may opt for an acrylic denture to replace one or several missing teeth. Even if all teeth are missing, dentures can provide a less expensive and quick alternative to dental implants or bridges.

A precision attached denture is the mechanism by which a denture is fixed to natural teeth. When implantation is not an option, this is the alternative choice.

How does smoking and the use of tabacco affect oral health?  It is known to cause many serious health problems including oral issues

What can a smile or cosmetic dentist do for you?  Do you need to improve your smile with cosmetic dental procedures?  There are many techniques and options to treat discoloured, chipped, misshapen or missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has been around since dentists started restoring and replacing teeth, in effect changing smiles. Today cosmetic dentistry almost became a speciality in dentistry.

Dentists Discussing Implant Treatment Using Xray

Dental implants serve as the most effective and permanent solution for missing teeth. With the establishment of dental implants as a standard procedure in dentistry, in recent times, various dental implant companies have sprung up and are flourishing.

Are all dental implant systems alike? Can a dental implant from any company provide me a long-lasting solution? We at London-Dental-Implant happen to face similar questions very frequently. The aim of this article is to help you choose the right brand of dental implants so that you achieve the desired outcome.


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